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June 28, 2010

Save Zainab Jalalian!

Embed Zainab’s heartbeats to your site!
Code for embedding and looping this video in a size of your choice HERE.

TAKE ACTION:Execution of Zeinab Jalilian Imminent

from: mission free iran

URGENT: Female Kurdish political prisoner Zeinab Jalilian has been moved to the enforcement section of the Islamic Republic’s detention facilities; her execution is deemed imminent.

Zeinab, 27, is from Maku, a city in the far northwest corner of Iran in province of West Azerbaijan.  She was arrested in May 2008 in Kermanshah and accused of ‘waging war against God’ (Mohareb) and belonging to the PKK (an outlawed political organization).

Her “trial,” in which she was denied legal defense, lasted about 5 minutes, reminiscent of the 1988 mass executions of thousands of political prisoners, for which there is now a demand to convene an international court to try the perpetrators.  Zeinab was sentenced to death in that sham trial and the sentence has been upheld. Originally imprisoned in Kermanshah prison, she was transferred to the detention center of the Ministry of Information in March 2010, and has now been moved to the “enforcement” section of the facility, signaling impending execution.

Here is 27-year old Zeinab Jalalian’s letter to the world, pleading for help:

Dear Human Rights Organisations:

My name is Ms Zeinab Jalalian. I am a 27-year-old Kurdish female political prisoner in prison in Iran. My death sentence was confirmed by the Iranian Supreme Court.

I am currently ill because of torture and I don’t have any lawyer to defend me. I want to tell you that my trial took only few minutes. The Court told me: “You are an enemy of God. You must be hanged very soon.” That was the sum of my entire court process. I asked the judge to give me permission to say good bye to my mother and family before my execution. He told me to “shut up” and rejected my request.

Zeinab Jalalian

Source: Kurdish Women Haven

What can you do?

1. Send faxes to UN.
It seems that Zainab’s only chance is an urgent intervention of United Nations. Send faxes to Navi Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for the Office of Human Rights and Ban Ki-Moon, the Secretary General of the United Nation. Sample letter and fax numbers HERE. You may add also a personal comment.

2. Add Zainab’s heartbeats to your website/blog.
You can add the above video to your site in a size of your choice. Copy and paste one of the codes HERE into your page using the html editor of your blog. The video will be added, will start automatically as your page loads and will loop continuously.

3. More possible destinations to send faxes:

Mr. Luíz Inácio Lula da Silva, President of Brazil. Has close relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran. His fax number HERE

Ms.  Patricia Llombart Cussac, European Comission, Head of Gulf Countries Unit – Iran, Iraq, Yemen. Her fax numbers HERE

If you have more ideas for destinations with confirmed fax numbers, please add them here as comments.

  1. You may also want to consider Brazil’s Minister of Foreign affairs.

    Embaixador Celso Luiz Nunes Amorim
    Ministério das Relações Exteriores
    Fax: (61) 3411-6993
    E-mail: maurovieira@mre.gov.br

    Comment by Joanne — June 28, 2010 @ 23:38
  2. Please stop execution of Zeynab Jalalian , Iranian regime is killing innocent people ,Stop them ,please !! thank you

    Comment by sayghal — June 29, 2010 @ 03:05
  3. I tried and tried but couldn’t embed the video. :( But I will go back and get the original – I was able to make that one work! :D

    Comment by Maria Rohaly — June 29, 2010 @ 05:10
  4. Yes. So sorry. Something went wrong, and I will correct it soon.

    Comment by shariatmadari — June 29, 2010 @ 08:12
  5. Dear Maria and Joanne (and anyone else who wanted to embed the looping video into their site),

    I found the problem. The code should display above correctly now.

    Comment by shariatmadari — June 29, 2010 @ 12:03
  6. Thank you so much! The video works perfectly now. I put it up on the front page: http://iran.elple.net/

    Comment by Joanne — June 30, 2010 @ 02:34
  7. [...] see Shariatmadari’s blog  for more information about what you can do to [...]

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  8. United4Iran also has a letter that you can use to send to 30 Iranian officials and diplomats. Information is on their site: TAKE ACTION! Halt the Execution of Zeinab Jalalian!.

    Comment by Tori — June 30, 2010 @ 18:14
  9. Zeinab Deserves to Live!

    Comment by Eyon Deen — July 31, 2010 @ 13:20
  10. You may also want to consider France’s Minister of Foreign affairs:
    Bernard Kouchner
    Ministère des Affaires étrangères
    37, Quai d’Orsay – 75351 Paris, France
    Tél. (33) (0)1 43 17 53 53
    Fax: + 33 1 43 17 42 18
    e-mail: bernard.kouchner@diplomatie.gouv.fr

    Comment by Bernard Durning — August 17, 2010 @ 20:46
  11. death to khamenei, ahmadinejad and islamic republic.

    Comment by fathah lathini — July 3, 2011 @ 17:29

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